Friday, May 23, 2008

Animals have fur, we have bundles of clothes...

Up to my eyeballs in kids' clothes at the moment as I have been venturing into our cupboard in the cellar. I haven't come across much newborn neutral stuff yet, so it looks like a trip to the shops is required. Many mums love this part, selecting items for their newborns, but I am not the shopping type, and just want to be in and out of the shop asap. If I was on maternity leave with no other kids to think about maybe this would be more appealing. I am a bit silly like that, I'd rather make some bread than pop out ot the shop to buy some if we've run out, and yesterday I was even contemplating sewing some PJ trousers for S as he's growing out of nearly all of them and somehow he seems too old for the usual themed typed ones that you usually finding the shops for kids. What am I thinking of woman, you are just over a month or so off having a baby inshAllah!? M will on the other hand happily sleep in his clothes ready for the next day whereas S has to haveproper PJs, a T shirt and shorts will not do!
The 'I'm bored!' thing is getting a bit much again and general negativity, it feels like teenagerdom is coming closer already. That's what I'm hoping, that it's an age-thing..
We went to an indoor play centre the other day as the school was having it's 'melodifestival' singing and dancing competition, in the gymn which is right next to the mosque!!?
I'd left Biryani at home with my husband as she was due for a nap around the time she would go and the facilities are relatively limited for her age group (I wasn't planning on crawling through plastic tunnels after her as she followed her brothers in hot pursuit, finding herself unable to get back down again). So for the first half hour or so I kept looking around to check where she was, and then realised bringing a good book next time (I guess I'll have to visit this place again unless I can delegate to DH) would a good idea. Trying to get M off the bouncy castle (as DH had heard of someone being kicked and having their neck broken on one) when some of other kids decided that pressing an inflatable astronaut on M's face would be fun. My instincual reflexes came in, as all I could see were his legs sticking out, and found myself screaming like a mad woman at the kids as I bounded over to rescue him, my big stomach almost left behind me. It's amazing what the human body can do when full of adrenalin. M was OK, a little shaken, with a small cut (from a bouncy castle?!) .
So back to the plastic bags and one more cupboard in the cellar to go.
Still no response to my most recent correspondence with authorities on Home ed by the way. Maybe they're consulting their legal department..


seekingtaqwa said...

subhanallah..there was something on the news here last week i think about the dangers of bouncy castles.... makes you wonder what IS a safe passtime for kids these day.... should go for it on the making the pj's front.....I made some for dd1, and she loves them so much i almost have to have them surgically removed from her in the mornings...but maybe thats an age thing too??

UmSuhayb b David said...

M's a bit like that with his shorts (knee-length), he'd wear them in the Winter if I let him.
btw, the last bag of clothes I opened had all the new born stuff in so am relieved of a shopping trip inshAllah..