Friday, July 18, 2008

Some pics, from pre- baby and post...

I thought I'd lost this picture, I took a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful evening, which also revealed how we are lliving under a flight path, so when the weather's right there are many white/ pink edged streaks across the sky.

Some 'armour' we fashioned out of foil and cardboard, which needless to say did not perform it's intended function too well and H was not highly impressed. Shall have to think about this one more carefully. Anyhow the nieghbour downstairs will be glad I was not so successful as she was rather fed up with their gladiator re-enactment game and came and complained about the noise :( I was thinking it wasn't as noisy as some their other 'chasing' type games - yes , we need a house, or a ground floor flat...inshaAllah.

Now I've been meaning to take a picture of these beautiful hollihocks which adorn so many of the pavement edges around where we live. I finally managed to remember to take my camera with me on our 'get the labour going' stroll (this was obviously when contractions were about 8- 10 minutes apart....)

POST-BABY: need I say more..

and my 'should-be' sponsors:

and my new (I use this term loosely as I actually bought it when pregnant with Biryani, but it's been left in the cellar waiting for someone to install it ) work-top, and I am ever so grateful to DH for getting onto the phone and getting it sorted pretty quick for this baby, plus I have shelves, shelves rather than everything stuffed in a cardboard box. (It doesn't take much to please me..) I just need to get some matching storage boxes, but can't face IKEA right now..

and H's view of breakfast (rye flour pancakes), he just loves taking pictures
and the worksheet I mustered up for H which he wanted to do at 10.30 p.m. the night before but I just did not have the energy. So I did it the next morning (after he reminded me)


Miss 376 said...

They pick their moments, don't they? My youngest usually wants to do something when I am too tired to concentrate

ummrashid said...

H's work looks really advanced, maashAllah.

UmSuhayb b David said...

H just loves maths (usually wants to go thru some calculations whilst sitting on the loo(!?)) he seems to naturally see patterns in numbers, mashAllah. Still waiting for some literacy to come naturally, but not holding breath..

Thanks and Jazakallahkhair to all those who have sent well-wishes btw