Tuesday, July 22, 2008

was a bit ambitious today..

S had his friend over for a long weekend and they managed to get creative on
one of the days and build a lego theme park inspired by recent trips I think, plus we'd recently received the lego magazine which had a picture of a ferris wheel that some children had sent in)

Now the friend has gone home the 'I'm bored' came out so I dared to let the poster paints out the box, and also let S bake a cake. Altogether a bit much when you've got a 2 week old baby, but alhamdulillah, the house is intact (bar a slightly grey (after scrubbing) kitchen wall that Biryani decided to start painting black (reminded me of one of my sister's student housemates who decided to paint his walls black one day). The textured wallpaper has to go from the kitchen..


Miss 376 said...

My brother always wanted a black bedroom, my mum went as far as letting him have dark blue

ummrashid said...

Why do they love to paint in black?
This reminds me of a friend's child who loved painting in black. One day we did bubble painting (washing up liquid in paint, blow through straw)and he sucked on the straw by mistake, ending up with watery black paint flowing down his chin.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

What a great day! Bet S enjoyed having his friend over. Mash'Allah. BTW I don;t know how you do it all with a small baby!!! Mash'Allah tabarak'Allah.
When I had my last one, now 10 months, I was so tired I could barely stand...
A enjoyed the Lego theme park, he loves legos himself.