Thursday, July 03, 2008

Colours everywhere

The pleasant view I get from a bench near my flat. The housing association has bought some rather tasteful new garden furniture too. My camera couldn't qute capture the vibrancy of the left hand side purple flowers, but they are amazing mashAllah.

Some luscious looking green plants which I think will have white flowers soon, any plant experts out there know their name?

and a new activity to keep eager artists busy, 'sidewalk chalks' which are v popular here in Sweden. Yes you are allowed to draw on the pavement dear daughter (I'm assuming!?!) Normally all she hears from me is 'Draw on PAPER' as she is especially keen on drawing on the pictures in books. It must be confusing for her as she is handed colouring books with no ensuing reprimands.Horizon a bit wonky, I'm not so good at bending down nowadays (due to stomach), well that's my excuse anyway..
and the boys had a go too
It hasn't rained since Sunday (when we did this) so the pavement out the back is still colourfully displaying their work.

Have to go soon as DH's flight has landed and due to pick him up. Contractions have been coming now and again but have been staving them off with the thought that I still have to hand in my appeal and send a copy registered post too. I would have done it today but needs DH's signature. I don't want to risk it being made invalid without it (or pp ing it) and don't feel comfortable faking his. The hand in date could be Monday, although I rang to try and confirm, but the lady I needed to talk to was on holiday til Monday. Her colleague said it should be a bit later than that as I didn't actually receive the decision in writing till a week later than the meeting. However I don't want to give them any chance to reject the appeal. It would seem silly not to get permission just because I missed a deadline. So no proper contractions please until I've been to the Post Office in the morning. (I resisted going out today for a stroll even though beautiful weather as don't want to get things going) .


ummrashid said...

Lovely pics, maashAllah. I think the plantis a sedum, common name Ice Plant. I have one in my garden and I think it is the same thing. On mine the flowers fade to deep pink. There are other similar plants, I have another called Autumn joy. They all have that succulent type of leaves.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sis,
Really nice activity. You inspired me! i love chalks but a part from the 'boring' black board and some black paper... hamdulillah!
Jazak'Allahu kheir for sharing the pics. mash'Allah love it!