Saturday, June 28, 2008

We love whiteboards

I felt really demotivated to do anything today, but just lying in bed seemed to make me feel mentally worse, just thinking about negative stuff (appeal etc), feeling so big. Yesterday’s midwife check did in fact show that my size has suddenly zipped up on the graph, but like everything else is ‘normal’, which I should be grateful for. So my hunger and generally feeling like a whale out of water is not unfounded.
So anyway with Allah’s help I got up to have a cup of Roobibos and just got on with the ‘work’ I’ve started up with S and M this holiday. I’ve been procrastinating stuff like this, excuses such as waiting for permission to home ed, waiting to feel physically 100% etc have been whispered in my ear. So we’ve started going through Al Fatihah, making a mini book, which I hope we can incorporate later with something about Salat later on. I know the boys do see the prayer often as a chore, and not knowing what they are saying must contribute to this. So I’m hoping that this activity is including work on: Arabic reading, writing, tajweed, Arabic vocab, English vocab, English spelling/writing, and a bit of art/ craft. It’s certainly making me learn stuff..

H had his 6 year old friend over from daycare the other day, some socialisation (!). Well the boys learnt a new social skill from said friend, how to make a fart sound with your armpit!? The fact that it has to be slightly wet under the arm to work actually meant they were more than willing to take a shower. This is quite unusual as usually it takes a lot of persuasion to get them in, esp the hair washing bit. If I didn’t force them to take a bath I expect it wouldn’t happen until their mates started commenting on the smell.
In fact I worked out a simple way to reduce water in eyes during hair washing. Basically gravity is used by getting child to look up to the ceiling. You have to be quite quick though I think to avoid a stiff neck!

And Biryani was so pleased with herself mashaAllah at having completed all these puzzles herself

'I did it mama I did it!'

Now must go and make something to eat, just a small portion for me (I'll try)...


ummrashid said...

MaashAllah! You are still doing so much!

UmSuhayb b David said...

ummrashid -it may look like it, but mashAllah MIL is taking care of most of the kitchen work, so do actually have more time than usual on my hands, alhamdulillah.