Friday, June 13, 2008

On the baby front...

nothing happening except lots of Braxton Hicks, and me now looking more curiously than usual, if not somewhat anxiously at the moon. All the boys were born during the last quarter and Biryani during the first. I read it's a bit of a myth it having anything to do with labour onset, although more false satrts to labours occur during the full moon. It does fascinate me how the moon has an effect on the tides. They do actually write down the full moon on the calendar they have in the maternity ward where they also mark how many girls and boys have been born that day. And Allah know best..

Also names, we really haven't thought of anything (that we can agree on) and as it gets to the fifth it does get harder. Any ideas?! I'm re reading a seerah book trying to get some inspiration as I feel having a good history behind a name is important.
Plus I'm rereading my Ina May Gaskin birth book, I don't think one can ever feel completely prepared for this amazing time in life. In fact though I'm much more apprehensive about the upcoming meeting than getting this baby in to the world!


ummi said...

I think every mum feel the same. Even after had three birth and one miscarriage, I still had wooried when it came to my fourth one 5 years ago.

Amazingly we forget all the pain after we gave birth. My hubby usually as soon as I start my contraction will start reading surah yaseen and manzil. Insya ALlah I think this help as I'm always have around 3 hours labour pain since first contraction. Usually the strong pain I encounter only about 20 mins before birth.

Insya Allah, ALlah made it easy for you..

ummrashid said...

Don't forget to read the footnotes when reading the seerah, sometimes there are extra names in there!!! (Yes, I've done that)
Thinking of you lots!

Wheel said...

I came across the name Aramaya, ( Prophet Jeremiah), recently.
It's different! Am considering that if I end up with a boy.