Sunday, June 22, 2008


for DH to return, and baby to come safely into the world inshAllah. Meanwhile I have had a bit of a head cold with that burning behind the eyes feeling you get if looking at the internet too long (but I don't think that's it as it's the same whether I use the computer or not!)
We went out to the park after supper last night, Maghrib isn't n until almost 10 pm so plenty of time. I had a nice photo of all the kids playinng, but can't locate the pixelator thingy on this new computer and so you'll have to look at these seagulls which inhabit our area, and appear to never sleep. Although we are near the sea it dosn't feel like it, no smell of salt water etc. But at 3 am when they're squawking away it's hard to forget.

Not sure wha these flowers are but pretty , mashAllah.
And today , despite the headache I baked this 'sockerkaka' for the first time with my new cake mould. Alhamdulillah it turned out OK and is proper comfort food. Despite the high proportion of sugar in it, it wasn't so sweet. Normally I bake when I have old fruit to use up, I'm like that, will only be inspired by ingredients that need using up, rather than going out and buying things for a recipe from scratch. DH says it stems from my student days. Is it something in me preparing for harder times? I do think we are so fortunate and take our lifestyles for granted. I watched the video on Kate's blog on the story of stuff. Wondering round the supermarket today as we had run out of a few things, and the huge trolley seeming empty. I could easily have filled it with stuff I don't really need,and the way our culture is its hard to resist, but I did. Yesterday I was clearing out a drawer (to try and make space for another little bod's clothes) and found some odd socks to throw a way. I already have a old sock to stick on my mop handles to get the cobwebs, so was going to bin them. Then I played around and in a minute or so made a little swadddled baby for Biryani to play with. It needs a lot of imagination but she actually has taken to it becoming quite protective of it. Actually it looks a bit like a worm in a ccoon. So any more ideas of what to do with odd socks?!
Managed to find my camera before cake was completely devoured.....

No it's not an amputated foot, it's a baby?!?!


Miss 376 said...

We used to make sock puppets-snakes were the favourite. We'd stick on googly eyes and cut out forked tongues to stitch on

ummrashid said...

With a cold and about to give birth and you are blogging, crafting, baking and going for strolls! Must be that last minute pregnancy energy surge! Will you be cleaning the flat from top to bottom tomorrow?? (Please don't!)

UmSuhayb b David said...

Actually did the fridge and one bathroom today, and chucked some stuff in the cellar. However more due to boredom and thinking 'Don't put off till tommorrrow..' type thing. Spent more time probably fiddling on the computer and reprimanding children than the above;)