Sunday, June 08, 2008

Baby still in, apparently feeding off my brain cells

The last week or so has been a bit hectic, and to be honest, tiring as having guests from the UK. The guests are not the problem but debating with the kids as to whether they could stay home in order to be with them (or to distract me from adult conversation) was. DH still away and advised me a bit too late that this shouldn’t have been even up for debate. But in the end it was decided by me not wanting to rush around to drop the kids off and have to pick them up from school. This was because the school bus had broken down on Tuesday, and kids didn’t get back till after 5 p.m. and school was’nt sure if they’d have a bus available all this week.
The weather has continued to be such that it seems a crime not to be out in it. I am actually looking out for some clouds in the sky, can you believe it after December’s continuous grey, but the heat is not comfortable now in my condition. Gosh re-reading this it is barely making sense to me, but this is the state of my brain right now.
All I want to think about is getting this baby out safely into the world, but there seems to be other things trying to take up mind space. Home Ed application, I should be chasing them up as haven’t heard back from them re meeting, but I have not been in the best of states to attend a meeting. DH is likely to still be away till near my due date, but then I’m wondering if anything will get sorted after the birth as most things shut down for the summer here (Alhamdulillah the midwifes do keep working although I think there are only the minimum of staff). I really would have liked everything sorted by now but I did leave it a bit late in the end.
So other main stress at the mo is how to deal with being like the mum to Kevin from Harry Enfield. The negativity gets me down and it appears sometimes ,as far as I can see, as imitated behaviour in the others. But Biryani is such a contrast. I start to get my hijab on and she bounds to the shoe rack saying ‘me come too!’
I was going to write something relatively coherent on private personal tuition amd how its seen as superior to parents doing it in the light of my need for home ed application but my moment of inspiration has gone, inshaAllah maybe it’ll return.
Oh Allah make my brain work and these sharp breath-taking Braxton hicks contractions ,and these all too frequent trips to the bathrooms,ease and give me sabr amin...


Anonymous said...

I feel for you xxx

However, I can hear that you are doing a remarkably good job of bearing up :)

The mother to teenage child is something I can relate to being like. And I thought toddlers were tough!

The point is, to listen to their reasoning but to remember that actually, you do know better in many areas than they do.

Love to you, and shall hopefully send a little package to you tommorrow. I had a design change of heart and decided on popper fastenings rather than velcro (you know what I am talkin about I hope!).

EF x

ummrashid said...

It is a tough last few weeks. In his own way S probably feels it too, as he is a sensitive boy. But you are doing as much as you can.

UmSuhayb b David said...

EF and ummrashid -JazakumAllahkhair for your perceptive insights
EF- i do know what you're taling about, inshAllah the package will reach me, barakAllahfiki