Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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It wants to underline all my text I've pasted next to my pictures, so decided to do pics on previous post
I’m hungry all the time, so have just tried to satisfy the need for food with a banana, instead of some chocolate. However Biryani decided she wanted half of it, so who am I to refuse. Chocolate seems extra appealing right now, but I’m highly aware of this ever expanding bump which I do not want to overfeed, and end up having to push out a 10 pounder.
I saw this article on Sky news and asked Suhayb if he could name any illegal drugs; he said ‘Beer’ LOL.
After too much time on the Xbox, I dragged them out to the library, despite the ominous looking clouds. I was motivated to go as soon a s I could by the fact I’d finally found the library ladybird book that has been lost for ages (The Billy Goats Gruff) and had to give it in asap to avoid a fine of about £13. The kind librarian explained the receipt I got when I handed it in that my fine was now 0 kronor. I think he was a student earning some extra money, some of the others may have given me a stern look, if not a lecture about bringing books back on time. Not that I don’t deserve it, but this book was genuinely lost, and has made me go through nearly every cubbyhole and box in the house. It’s amazing how many places there are to lose stuff in in such a small flat. I need something to get me to sort through and throw out stuff, so losing an item isn’t all bad. Now I have to find the housing association membership cards so the kids can get a discount at the funfair in a couple of weeks. I might just phone up and order some new ones but I can imagine there’ll be a charge. My mum always used to blame the ‘Borrowers’, I blame my disorganisation.
S wasn’t interested in taking out books, whilst the younger ones, esp H, gathered mountains of them. I found a few that could possibly interest S, of which only the factual were deemed worthy of taking out. M was motivated by the annual summer holiday thing of reading and writing 5 book reviews and then you get a free book as a prize. I can’t stop thinking as to whether it’s too much screens that has put them off reading, or if this was just going to happen anyway. In fact S has been making an effort to do other things this holidays, I think to show he’s not addicted (!) and persuade his Dad to let him buy a PSP.
The good bit about getting them out of the house is it gives some fresh air, exercise, and more of a chance to talk. M asked me if a man can have 2 wives in Sweden. I said it’s not officially allowed here. Then he asked about England. Then he went on to say it would be good to have 2 Daddies as they could help me more. I’m not sure where he got this idea from, but I assured him it would actually mean more work for me rather than a help;)
Biryani and H have been playing pretend cats and dogs while I type, with Biryani making some v cute noises as a cat and wanting to be led around the house wither comfort blanket used as a lead.
And now she’s been as frustrated with me as me wither. Firstly she was looking around sying ‘Where’s brush?’ repeatedly. There were 2 hairbrushes lying around and it was the situation where you point and look to wher something is but hte other person just can’t see the wood for the trees. But in fact she had seen them, and it was her toothbrush she was looking for. Now she wanted to have some yoghurts, but was v upset as I had separated 2 of them and she wanted them together. When I presented her with some other, unseparated ones they were hastily hurled onto the floor. It’s the ‘No!’ to everything age, however much they really want it. We don’t do compliance...

2 Verses I read yesterday that struck a chord with me.
2: 268 ‘Shaitan threatens you with poverty and orders you to commit Fahssha (sins) whereas Allah promises you forgiveness from Himself and bounty, and Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower.’
2:263 Kind words and forgiving of faults are better than Sadaqah (charity) followed by injury. And Allah is Rich and he is Most-Forbearing.’
The latter being particularly relevant just now, as the poor kids have been getting a bit too much sharpness from me lately, not helped by tiredness and general tension.
Anyhow, hospital bags pretty much packed, car seat sorted out and baby clothes in drawers ready. All that’s needed now is sabr and DH to come back inshAllah...

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