Friday, June 13, 2008

Just found Windows Vista lets me publish straight from a Word document

I'm finding it hard to concentrate on much at the moment as I have finally been invited for a meeting with the 'Administration boss' about the home ed application. It's scheduled for Monday, so I have a few days to gather myself and read through all my paperwork again.

Today was the last day of the school year, where they have a very short day (1 and a half hours), basically present giving and awards and singing some songs about summer. So usually we don't attend as driving there and back hardly seems worth it. However M was v keen, but poor boy missed out on being the 'student of year' in his class. I think he had his hopes up, but he took it very well anyway! It's funny what children appreciate, they get a few moments of recognition and a hand-made small certificate. Also the child picked to read off the date, weather etc for that day gets to keep the torn off piece of paper having the previous day's date on. I noticed he was still grasping it tightly in his hand as we went out of the classroom as if it was a precious artefact, aww.. I do remember one day when M agreed to go to school with less of a fuss as it was his turn to do the calendar.

Biryani is student of the year at our place I think. She was still awake as I was drifting off to sleep the other night and Iwoke to hear her trying to recite the Darud which is ion the salat cd I finally found recently. I've been having it on in the car as the boys were still not 100% on everything. Now she's also v keen to repeat surah Al fatihah after me and she's now dropped off to sleep having tried to recite some of it to herself, mashAllah.

Here is a link to a website I have to further investigate, with books for older kids who have difficulty with reading, but do need age appropriate subject matter. It was recommended to me by my Mum as I may have to use something like this with M as reading is not coming on so fast ( I think mostly due to lack of regular practice). I was surprised that he is not into reading, as he's always been one to methodically flick through books, refusing to stop until he's looked at every page (tending to be at school run times).I suppose the computer is a likely culprit....

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