Friday, January 01, 2010

Will this still be Hz's main occuaption in 2010?

I'm talking about his lightning ability to get his hands in everything, mashAllah! I still have the heart-rate raising experience on a daily basis of him about to grab something dangerous and while I´m sorting that out he's already moved on to another item doomed for destruction.
I have purchased a baby gate accompanied by those dubious words 'easy assembly'.
OK could be easy if a) all the parts were included, b)I did not have 2 young ones very curious about this new piece of apparatus, and c) (controversial but true), I was male.

So the kitchen is still accessible, and awaiting a male who can trudge back to the Baby shop to get a gate that functions, and then put the thing up while I escort small children away from the construction zone. I am along way away from Swedish nationality staus, I hate anything involving spanners/ hammers.

The snow has melted, but now it's minus 6, in the daytime. We just popped out to the corner shop for some Jummah goodies and a quick walk, and my hands hurt when I came back.

So also having both cars out of action, and being home a lot, have been doing a bit of baking. First pretzels, which S had read about and wanted to try..

In the bicarb solution which apparently gives them the distinctive taste, well I'm not sure it's my favourite, but maybe it's an aquired taste.

As you can see the we all made their own interpretations of a pretzel shape!

'Shall I help with the baking?'

I've always had an admiration for those who bake bread on a regular basis. It is an aspiration of mine too, but somehow the ensuing mess, and general scarcity of time, outweigh the benefits. However as I was perusing DH's Union magazine (I try to keep up with some Swedish) there was an article about not wasting food, and generally reducing food bills. It said you could save about £800 a year if you made your own bread, £800??? well it could be possible as decent bread is about £2 a loaf and lasts about a day or maybe 2 if they're at school. Now maybe I can keep the baking up I could afford a lap top, and then maybe blog more than twice a month (as seems to be happening nowadays). We'll see...

'Well, I will help, whether you like it or not!'

Well, it turned out pretty bread-like but yet to taste it.


ummrashid said...

Once you bake regularly it does not take time or make mess. I do all the kneading in the mixing bowl, so no flour on the counter. Plus they always say to knead for ages, let it rise, knead again. I just give it one quick knead, in the bowl, put it in the tins and that is it.

Anonymous said...


Do you have any idea if I can homeschool my daughter after our move to Bosnia. Homeschooling is illegal there but my daughter and I are British so surely we would be allowed to homeschool?

Louise said...

wa aleikom asalam to ummrashud, and anonymous.
Unfortunately being British does not mean you can transpose the British law to wherever you live. it made no difference to my application, and people have left Germany for the UK as asylum seekers for this reason (as home ed is illegal in Germany). However I do know a sister whos moved back to Bosnia who is, I think, satisfied with theislamic schools there. Otherwise maybe if you are still officially a British resident (ie spend a great deal of the time back in the UK) maybe you could get away with it. I think some people do that that live in France for part of the year and the holidays in the UK, UmmSuhayb

Louise said...

sorry Ummrashid, i'm typing frantically in the library as no internet at home! no car no internet no TV, this is a challenge but trying to overcome!!

ummrashid said...

SubhanAllah! Hope you get your technical problems solved soon!