Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy doing I don't know what....

but that's how it is sometimes, and that's when you get more photos than text.

Biryani doing her Matilda impression at the local library, which we frequented more than often this past holiday as we had no internet!

and finally DH came home, after lots of delays due to the snow, so we made some 'Welcome home' decorations.

I'm still baking bread, these looking a bit too rustic but tasted quite nice all the same

S and M started their papier mache, destined inshaAllah to become a money box, well sometime this year I hope...

M, H and Biryani play schools, with of course M as the teacher.

The recent weather has been very cold, often minus 6 or even less, but from these pictures you can probably get the gist of how things are getting ready in the morning, or getting out the car to go home from the childminders. I just do not try to think about onlookers silently 'tsking' or that she'll catch a cold. In fact, like M who rarely gets ill and who also had a thing for going out in the snow with little more than boots on, she has not had one day off sick from the childminder's since she started.

It is COLD! You can almost see the trees shivering..


ummrashid said...

The bread looks great, maashAllah. Are you using a tin for the round ones?

Louise said...

UmmRashid - I only have one loaf tin, so the round ones are just shaped and stuck on a lightly greased oven tray, and I leave for another 20 mins or so to rise again before putting in the oven.