Saturday, February 06, 2010

We're not quite frogs...

but we can a get a feeling of how this popular character feels about the snow. I am still quite happy for the world around to be white, but from the local media, I sense people are tiring of the flaky white stuff. The children still build snowmen, throw snowballs and toboggan down the slopes, but you can sense the enthusiasm is waning. It will be nice to see some green grass and sense the different light that this produces, as does frog. However I still find white better than the usual grey/ brown of a south Swedish Winter.

and there is some variety, snow with cloud, or as above, snow with sunlight. Hz is a little unsure with his new boots and is actually wearing his gloves (that are normally cast aside). Not surprising as it's about -8C.

and it has also been snow plus wind, so some very deep drifts to, er, jump in. Face down.

and the boys made a large snowman with DH, and snowballed it down afterwards.

And some indoor fun, with clementine peel, DH producing these letters at the request of Biryani. Very Montessori, pat on back DH.

and having been ill, but still unwilling to just mope in bed, I got to work on the colouring pencils. I heard a story about a scholar who didn't like to waste time even when he had guests so would sharpen pencils while listening to them! The urge to draw and colour is always enhanced by freshly sharpened pencils, how frustrating to find the colour you want is blunt. I am now on the hunt for a posh sharpener automatic/ or crank the wheel-type as oh my fingers!


ummrashid said...

I'm OK with the dull, grey winter myself!

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

I like the 'Montessori touch'! BTW, what is the frog book? Is it in English or Swedish?

Louise said...

It's Frog in Winter, Max Velthjuis. He's a dutch author but this one we have in English, and I think are available in many languages including Swedish

ummrashid said...

We've read some frog books. They are unusual books I think, unexpectedly full of social messages.