Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No excuses now?

Kind DH has got me a new laptop, mashaAllah. So no more waiting for the rest of them to get off the computer. I use the computer nowadays, like probably many others, for so many things: communication, paying bills, finding directions, recipes, even the kid's school has it's menu on their website (although usually not up to date). Nowadays whatever I think of to cook they seem to have had for lunch already.
Anyway, the photo software isn't installed yet so can't put any pictures, but to be honest, I think the snow pictures would be a bit tedious now.
Had a letter home about M's national tests which should start in March. These are not really anything to worry about, just a shame they have to spend so much time on them.
H's handwriting has dramatically improved, mashaAllah, as I could compare his writing in his school diary to this week's.
S's school for next academic year is still in the pipeline, having done a test for the bilingual class last week. The Swedish was pretty hard and the English v easy, so I'm wondering if it would be the right choice (if we get one), and maybe the international school would be more appropriate. Anyhow I hope to meet the teachers to help with the decision.
Biryani is still attending the childminder's and picking up a little Swedish, although as usual the ability to speak English ends up being a hindrance, as the other children like to try out their smattering of it with her. She continues to enjoy spelling and writing. She enthusiastically explained to her father that one of the Peter and Jane books had words (letters) missing so she had filled them in! These were the c level which are for filling in, but she thought they were books with misprints!
Hz, well life is indeed a lot easier now we have the kitchen safety gate, but we are still having difficulty figuring out how to prevent him from turning the computer on and off. Even though we can turn off the power supply from a distant source he has figured this out and now it is only the large cushion from the back of the sofa that stands between him and the red button. The problem is our phone relies on the router being on so to avoid the compter ending up in 'safe mode' from being switched rapidly on and off we end up with no phone line.
The slow journey of finding somewhere larger to live also seems to be getting gridlocked, with increasing restrictions on the number of people allowed to live in the possible flats we could be interested in being introduced.
Anyway! The last few days I've been moving things around the house in the vain hope that it will create more space (of course it doesn't really, unless you get rid of stuff).
And so not much of excitement has happened recently, but we have the half-term coming up, known as 'sportlov' where the children can try out various activities, We have LegoUniverse or is it World, LaserDome, swimming, squash, table tennis and origami mm ('med mera' means 'and more) to look forward to inshaAllah. I just look forward to the disappearance of the early morning rush, and really feel a bit overwhelmed over the amount and scope of things to do!!

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ummrashid said...

Lots going on in this post, maashAllah!
I'd like for us to have a few more things to do this week.