Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little bit about Hz

My memory is so bad, short-term as well as long. So if I don't write it down it'll most likely be forgotten. Although this time is quite testing at the moment, I still want to remember it and reflect if I get time! I do remember, though, a dear friend advising me when it was a similar time of chaos having been wreaked by young hands in the form of Biryani, to have patience. To expect that by they reach the age of three, some degree of sense emerges.
He will now play with toys in the way for which they were designed (puzzle pieces inserted into their correct holes, stacking the hoops, building towers with bricks). This is quite satisfying to see and we are moving on from the chewing, discarding, emptying, flinging, stages. Moving, not quite left.
Yesterday the boys were at LegoWorld again and as both littlies have got bad colds we did not go out. So it was a game of climbing up S's bunkbed to find his mobile and laser pen, switching on and off the computer which Biryani was trying to use, climbing up M's bunk bed and dangling his legs perilously over the edge, and emptying jugs of water all over himself and the bathroom floor. Not his fault of course, and now and again I will find him surreptitiously leafing through ladybird books. I also find later on, ripped pages scattered about, aah!
I have been sucked in to the Swedish system, I am at the limit now, it's daycare for you in August!!!!!!!
But seriously, it may be on the cards as we have to start some sort of business up soon to make ends meet. We shall see..........
So as the doctor put it, Hz is very 'motoric' and this is way ahead of the language skills. He says quite a few 'words' now, and some signs. He cutely pats his head if he wants to play the chasing game 'duck, duck, goose' that the kids found on the sesame street website. This morning I was woken by: 'Doo Doo (milk) more' in a very insistent voice.
And about the feeding/ sleep thing, which I feel cannot not be disentwined: At about 4 months he was sleeping well at night due to his thumb. The teeth came and I was the dummy. I thought, ok, let's wait until 6 months to do something about this night waking. Then it was wait until 8 months, then 1 year old, and for the last 5 or 6 months at least I have just accepted he won't sleep in a cot and it's going to be when he stops feeding (2 years old, islamically) that there's a chance of unbroken sleep. Of course it's not unbearable tiredness and he doesn't feed so much now, and there are nights where he sleeps through. But it's never the 7am to 7 pm that some children do and the others did (more like 9-7) , well that's according to my memory so this may, and quite likely, is innaccurate. This summer looks like being the end of having a baby in the house, which is, in a way, quite sad.


ummrashid said...

It is such a mixed feeling isn't it. Of course you want them to grow and progress, but at the same time it isn't easy to feel that an era of your life may be coming to a close.

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