Friday, April 06, 2007

Another trip to the forest

We went out again to a forest with some sisters, this time 'bokskogen' beech forest. It was that or the indoor play centre which some other sisters had organised. I didn't reveal this latter option to my kids as it's the Easter hols. I only feel I can bear to go to these places if it's raining, and a school day so there are few other kids there. It was a beautiful day, got some exercise and also saved quite a few pennies.
One minor gripe, why do some people here feel it's their duty to make my kids like dogs? They maybe man's best friend in their eyes, but they can do damage, maybe not quite as much as mankind, but after one of my kids being chased by an Alsatian dog a while back and been told 'He's only playing' they are (understatement coming up) wary.Today for some reason, we were given a demonstration of the dog's ability to sit and stay maybe to show us how tame he was. Yes, until a child tries to poke it's eye out and pull its tail and I think you'll find its animal instinct is still there. You don't hear about children being mauled by cats or pet rabbits very often in the news do you? Dogs are fine if that's what you want, but keep them on leads outside , pick up their doings, and don't expect my kids to love them.
No, it was a lovely day, and managed the 7km walk this time, one kid only moaned right at the end, and there were lots of undulations, some very steep.
So here are some pics, including some 'Spring' nature ones (flowers, hazel catkins, burrs, a dead beetle, beech nuts, pine trees, silver birch and beech without their leaves (as yet), see what you can spot....


Anonymous said...

I actually have a real problem with dogs..or rather some owners opinions that we have to get involved with them on wierd levels. And anyway, kids should be wary of dogs. I am certainly not against them, but loathe the 'he's one of the family therefore you have to give him equal attention' type stuff that we get. If I don't want to aknowledge a dog I don't.

I teach my kids to steer well clear of any dog on the street not firmly and tightly on a leash. Why not? They do lose it and half of the owners haven't a clue what they are doing. Our BIL has a massive alsation that sits on my MIL's sofa when he visits. We treat this dog as we would our own dogs..which means when it starts jumping around we put it in it's place...when it sits on the sofa we get it off. When we are eating we take it into another room or tie it up outside. This apparently is is BIL's dog not ours and people aren't allowed to waltz up and start imposing rules.

But I think we do the right thing. If I have no choice about sharing space with a canine and the canine's owner is not doing it right I will just take over. That also includes holding my kids back and instructing complete strangers to leash their dogs in tightly so I can pass wíthout herding my kids. It is the dog that should be submitting not the kids.

*sigh* sorry, long comment. :)


UmSuhayb b David said...

long comments are fine if you have time to type !(I suspect you've done some touchtyping?!)
yes we have to be assertive even when the predominant culture is opposed to us. But i do need to brush up on some swedish phrases to do with leads etc as when I tried to instruct someone regarding their loose bulldog, suddenly they forgot how to speak English and just ignored me. Then i tried broken swedish including getting out my phone to call the police, and he just walked off, while my kids whimpered at my side i was mad!