Wednesday, April 04, 2007

diary gone AWOL

So here're some more pics, some not so up to date but still relevant. I was preparing myself for a massive typing session, but my diary/notebook thingy where I write down any notables is, I think, in my car boot (don't ask) , well I hope so.
M at his 'stable course' in a quaint horse farm. Photos of him actually riding didn't come out very well as it was very bad light inside the barn where they practiced, so didn't post.

H's 'draw-a-man' effort, one of his rare unabstract drawings. So he will inshaAllah pass his 4 year assessment then?!?..

Have been to science museum(again) with friends which the kids found more like an indoor adventure playground with the submarine, the wooden boats to scamper about on, and they managed to pay attention to me for about 20 seconds as I quickly tried to explain (in Swedish?!) why I have to wear glasses and how the eye works with useful visual aid they have in the museum.. I think the windy day whipped up their excitement and whether much was 'learnt' is questionable. We went out to the nearby open space where the great excitement of the day was two of the friend's ball being blown into the castle moat, of which one drifted too far to the other side to be rescued. Also saw some sheep nestling on the steep grassy hills by the castle, quite surprising to see.
Have started taking Hafsah to a playgroup (run by sisters), and took all kids yesterday as it was Easter hols. They painted some plaster paris vehicles which will be inshaAllah turned into fridge magnets next week (by which time the paint should have dried, it was rather copiously applied).
Have walked quite a lot this week and I have become quite exhausted, I AM UNFIT!!. Oh yeh I am so tired as H has been getting his false croup in the early hours, waking me and once Hafsah, plus the early sunrise wakes me up and I can't seem to get back to sleep. Doesn't help having DH busying away in Vietnam, but it keeps things afloat, financially (she says trying to look on the bright side).
Looks like my diary is obsolete, managed to get a bit written, alhamdulillah.

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