Thursday, March 29, 2007

Busy and very tired,but that's life..

I finally decided to accompany S. and his class to Skryllegården. I was umming and erring as I am so behind with house stuff (the silverfish are forming some sort of colony under the washing pile) plus I didn't know if the baby car seat would fit in the coach. In the end I took my own car and I thought this may be the last time S actually wants me to come with him on something like this (i.e. in front of his classmates) He was almost begging me to come. It was a nice 5km walk in the forest and nicely polished off with the (extortionate) ice-creams.
The coach arrives..A huge teepee that had a fire inside for cooking.. S and his class setting off with great gusto for a walk in skogen (the forest). S's teacher was holding the walking sticks many use to increase arm exercise whilst walking in Sweden. (Not for keeping the little bods in order of course . They were helpful for pointing out bits of wildlife, flowers etc).
A beautiful glade mashaAllah. S wants to live somewhere like this, me too... Some of the kids made their own walking sticks, v. Swedish.. The girls were very happy to push the buggy for me, I felt I could have made a killing , 10 kronors a go....... Got a little bit of help from S. and also gained a life skill, potato peeling. He wanted to peel off a bad bit from one of them but I kindly advised him that there'd be very little potato left to eat so it'd be better to cut it with a knife.

Last lesson with hemspråk(home language) Canadian English teacher. He gave them a cookie and a paper helicopter which he warned against using outside in the wind but M found it quite fun to launch it from the climbing frame and keep me on my toes recovering it for him for re-launch. Like his Arabic, he was reciting the story they had obviously been reading today in a Canadian accent, oh my little parrot!

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Salaam, I'm enjoying your photos!