Thursday, March 08, 2007

Life still went on..

Now I’ve got that off my chest, here’s some bits and pieces about the kids.
Hafsah’s started whole-hand pointing, especially interested in the light in her room. As well as the TV (oh no). She actually said ‘da’ as she pointed to the light, are these words coming out of my little one’s mouth?!! Any sort of rhythm/ music she hears, the back starts bouncing and arms waved up and down, another M aaah! When I asked her where her dad was, she turned to look to the front door, it was sooo cute.
Favourite toys just now: nappy changing box, especially emptying out the cotton buds and pretending to smoke with them, does make one seem rather stylish, not? Carrying on the bathroom effect, we have the rapid unrolling of toilet-rolls, except with not quite the same beauty as the Andrex adverts as we just have grey recycled stuff here (comes as standard, you either have grey or white, and with the latter may your conscience be forgiven). On the hall front, we have emptying the recycling box (we’re very green here in Scandinavia you know), and then the gloves and hats from the rack, all jolly good fun to be had, and keeps mum busy as well for a good ten minutes while she clears up all that mess, everyone’s a winner, no boredom in this house.
Did I also mention the funny neck business when she eats yoghurts? Her double chin squashes over her neck which then disappears as she swallows, it’s hard to explain but looks very funny. I can feel a little madam developing now. This age of 10 months is my favourite with babies, they’re mobile, they sleep (mostly) and do not answer back. However if she wants a breastfeed or wants to sleep she refuses to sit, but pushes herself into a lying position.

Hoping the boys are not losing too much of their English skills, H showed me today he could hop but said he was ‘jumping on one leg’ this is the literal translation of how they say it in Swedish. When I said to the others to ‘hop’ they jumped.. ‘Hopp’ means jump in Swedish, so had to re explain this!
The kids never made it to school today as although we now have 2 cars, both have some affliction which renders them either unsafe or illegal or both. Tried to get them to do something educational, but after requests to write a story (S had started one yesterday but had given up for some reason) we went back to our rendition of ‘Countdown’ using the scrabble letters and the white board. I did not have a ticking clock so had to sort of make that up with my tongue. Anyhow they quite enjoyed this, and I think M managed to get an obscure word by chance (as his limits to spelling are dog, cat, ox and a few more common words). S got ‘quean’ which I guessed would happen as we had only one ‘e’ and it turned out to mean an impudent girl derived from Old Norse. As it turns out Swedish for woman is ‘kvinna’ the ‘kv’ a bit like the ‘kw’ in queen/ quean. Well you learn something every day.
Other questions from S were how did people discover how to make bread (after we’d made pizza).
M made a tiny tot house as inspired by CBeebies website, clever him had saved a box from the clutches of the recycling bins…..

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