Friday, March 16, 2007

Not an A star, but who cares!

Hafsah's had her 10 month assessment at the health visitor's and she passed the peek-aboo (titt-ut in Swedish, for real!), banging 2 bricks together after a demo from kind HV (has done herself for ages now) and understanding language. ('Not in your mouth' gets an immediate response as all manner of things are regurgitated) but fell down (excuse the pun) on the pulling up to stand aspect. Of course it's nothing really worrying but I felt I could detect a slight look of disappointment in the nurse's face Well Hafsah's a super crawler now mashAllah and so still feels like a 'baby' unlike her brothers who were almost running at this age. She does like to crawl up to me, holds on to my trousers and pull up on her knees, look lovingly at me as if to say ' You know you want to pick me up, don't you?, don't worry about that little twinge in the lower back...).
She's started 'showing' me toys etc and even 'giving' them to me now. She's continuing to invent her own baby sign language, ignoring my own Makaton attempts, so shaking both arms up and down means 'again'. This was used to great effect whilst playing 'round and round the garden' and my rendition of 'this little piggy went to market ' We substitute teletubbies for pigs and ice-cream for roast beef, don't quite like my little ones toes representing carnivorous hogs somehow, but hey that's just me... By the way she has no idea what teletubbies are either as we don't get the Beeb here.
Oh and here's a good web-site for maths/ problem-solving based on the cyberchase cartoon (one of the few worth watching on satellite channel POP)
My 6 year old finds it quite challenging but can do with help and my 8 year finds it quite easy so probably safe to say ideal for a 7 year old?

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Anonymous said...

I hope your comment box does work!!

Don't worry about the health visitor being disparaging..they go on special course to learn how to do the: "Oh! So your baby cannot do simultaneous equations yet?" faces.

Thanks for the maths link..shall try it now:)