Friday, March 23, 2007

I found the cable for the camera

Finally baked the bread (looks better than it tasted, too heavy and doughy but ok toasted) However looked quite arty with pomengranates and garlic.

Results of Hafsah's morning activities, piles of mess..

Beautiful dress, kindly donated by a sister, and no, I don't know how to rotate the photos! (yet)

The wall did have tiles before they decided to drop off the wall. Let's pray for a nice 'after' picture, builder due Monday..

Shiny sink


'EF' said...

Shiny sink..whenever I shine my sink I always credit the Fly Lady..even though it has been an age since I checked the website. Yours looks particularly shiney:)

UmSuhayb bint David said...

needless to say it is no longer looking so polished, but it was nice while it lasted....

milkmumma said...

ooo, lovely masha'Allah.