Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I couldn't sleep..

but I'm still too fuzzy-headed to write properly so here's some photos
M's 'teach-yourself' workbook. He talks to himself like a teacher, writes out some work, does it, then praises himself. He's also been reciting his Arabic and Islamologi lessons, so we get to hear the surahs but also the way the teacher starts them off:
, 'One, two, three,... BismillahiRahmanir Rahim..' and so on.
M, for when you're older note 'nangnang under the book.'!!

Well S complained of being bored and as it was around 4 pm, all I could come up with was cutting up some magazines and adding speech bubbles (this is for a v reluctant writer), little did I know this would start him off on his amateur career as an 'author', which he has professed to be (only a hobby mind, surgeon status still on the horizon). As a result he made numerous 'rull'books (scrolls?), containing a picture on which he's based a short story. I've been told to ask permission before reading them, they're now in the draw. (middle thinking bubble below is my attempt)

Tomato seeds suddenly sprouted, despite having been put on the balcony by someone and hence began to get frazzled. I managed to rescue them just in time..

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'EF' said...

ROFL..I like the speech bubble idea..has given me ideas! :)