Friday, March 23, 2007

err March musings.

Finally got round to revisiting the 'flylady' website. It's been in my 'favorites' under 'home management' (!)for ages but things to do etc.. Anyhow decided I have to get on with sorting this mess-of-a-flat out, if we want to sell it, as well as feel sane. I don't feel so able to help my kids learn in this cluttered environmnet and I feel really sorry for them, even if most of the 'stuff' is theirs. So my sink is sparkly clean, even DH noticed when he came home for lunch. Let's see how long it lasts. Finally got round to putting the mirror back up in the hall which has been down since the wall was redecorated a couple of years ago. Now I should be able to adjust my hijab before leaving the house without having to dodge the toilet rolls and toothpaste in the bathroom. Also it's usually one of those things recommended by the likes of Anne Maurice to increase the sense of 'space', hmm. Well, as I rarely get involved in anything related to DIY, this wasn't as easy a task as I'd imagined. The mirror just wouldn't hang straight on the hook, although the hook seemed ok. Three hooks later, lots of small holes in the wall, and I realised, with the aid of a spirit level that the walls aren't completely level. Therefore a lump of blu-tak behind the frame seemed to give an adequate adjustment (hope DH doesn't get round to reading this). H's comment on this as he observed my increasing frustration was ' I know why (you can't do it), cos' it's for mans' Yes a 3 year old who certainly wouldn't get an admission to that feminist nursery I once mentioned. The the young man expected me to construct him a tent out of the usual chairs and sheet combination, the cheek of it!
H is full of self-assurance, as can be heard from this discussion which went something along the lines of:
H 'I hold it'
me 'you held it'
H 'hold, held, you never say it right!'

Managed to cover animate vs animate objects a bit in the following conversation..
H 'I shouldn' eat food, then no poos'
(Do I really seem so fed up wiping bums?)
me' You have to have food for energy and to grow, like a car has petrol to drink'
H ' Why it doesn't have food?'
me 'Cars don't have to grow'
H 'Why cars don't have to grow?'
and so the explanation began...

S asking about why the sky is blue (I'm sure we've had that one before, it's it dust in the atmosphere) thus 'What's spacedust?'

Hafsah's now able to roll onto tummy and then up to knees and then sit. This makes nappy changing and sleeping in cot more challenging. They have to learn how to lie down again if they want to sleep. I think she can just about do this. She was going round lying down her head as a game on any soft patch she could find the other day, I remember H was the same.
She's managing to do some early choice-making, shaking her head for 'no' and shaking arms for 'yes'. is this a good thing, how much does an 11 month old baby really know what's best for her ? Not her eye drops at least which she's had for a nasty eye infection, but they've worked!
I'm getting annoyed buying white board markers, that get destroyed within hours. Hafsah seems to have a penchant for sucking them, it can't be good for her. Unless I stand over them and put the lids on every moment they're put on the floor, it's difficult.
A new 'word' (communication) is she smacks her lips together if she wants to eat something. She also likes to blow half-raspberries, esp with food in the mouth, spraying food everywhere aah!
M has been speaking a little Swenglish again, trying to say 'which' ('vilket in Swedish) came out as 'wilket'


'EF' said...

My youngest speaks fluent he says: "Jeg er hungry mummy get me some mad!" (I am hungry mummy, get me some food). It's all very cute..but I'd rather they spoke perfect English. The snobby lass that I am;)

UmSuhayb bint David said...

Danish is so similar to Swedish in written form, but how can i put it nicely, throaty pronunciation leaves me baffled! You do have to make an effort with mother language, i've met someone who's mum was English but brought up here and their english was on a par with the average swede, which is good but not perfect.

Anonymous said...

"S asking about why the sky is blue (I'm sure we've had that one before, it's it dust in the atmosphere)"

No, it's not.

UmSuhayb b David said...

thanks for the correction, I'd got muddled with the sunset. It all reminded me a bit too much of GCSE physics and I did not enjoy this, but looks like I'll have to check my facts as S seems to love physics type topics (or maybe pass him on to his Dad!)