Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A career in materials science?.

Sunday was taken up with scouts, and on the way back we went and had a quick view of a property in the area where we first lived when we came to Sweden which was for sale. Here they have a viewing system whereby the house is available to view initially only at the date and time specified by the agents, so you end up nosing around flats along with 4 or 5 other prospective buyers. Also there is a bidding system here which is quite different to the English way of doing things. Well, it had 5 (small) bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a huge living room and dining room as well as 2 hall spaces which could fit desks, all for the similar price of our 2 bed flat. Yes, sounds great, but location is the prob, although it’s near to the station and a new shopping centre is being built, DH doesn’t want to consider it because it is also near to the prison, so the search goes on..
S and M continue with swimming classes, with S doing front crawl now which I could never quite get the hang of, (co-ordinating breathing and putting face in the water never a strong point for me).
H is growing up, getting more lanky like a boy rather than a baby. This evening some very cute discussions (while I was washing up), also making me feel my consumption of salmon since I’ve been in Sweden and so throughout my pregnancy etc have helped those little brain cells.(He also loves the stuff, especially with ketchup).

H ‘What are chairs made of?’
I discuss the various possible materials…
H ‘What’s boxes made of?’
Me: as above
H ‘What’s sand made of?’ (He’s asked me a few days ago what glass was mad of so I guessed this was where the idea came from.)
I talked about ground up rocks by the sea
H ‘What’s rocks made of?’
Me: v briefly discussed sedimentary and lava, (my own knowledge all thanks to S’s earlier interest where we looked up about this in some books- go home-ed, go)
H ’What’s snow made of?’ (Throughout this conversation he’d been ‘playing’ with the flour we’d used to roll out pizza, and he was trying to convince me it was snow he was decorating the kitchen with…aah!)
Me : Ice, which ironically must have reflected the look on my face when I turned round and saw the mess.

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