Thursday, March 08, 2007

a post-viral rantette

Well the cold progressed into what I would call flu, shivering and then waking up sweating, and the nose front had got through much more than the average amount of kitchen roll. (Did I mention boxes of tissues are not quite so common here and are much more expensive when you do get hold of them?). So had about 3 days where I was dragging myself from my bed to do whichever child’s bidding and back again. It’s especially harder for the younger ones to understand how come mum can’t be her usual ‘helpful’ self, and is just groaning between the blows into the ever-increasing mountain of tissues. The 2 weeks DH has been away have been some of the longest I can remember. Poor kids, bouncing off the walls as I had no energy to take them out. I mean if I was seeing black spots in front of my eyes just getting to the bathroom then a trip to the Post office would probably end in me flat out on the pavement.. (Dear mum had posted me some gravy granules so I can have a proper roast dinner).
Anyhow I think the road to recovery is almost in sight, although there are still road works ahead, trying to flush this virus/bacteria or whatever it is out of my system and regain my strength. Alhamdulillah, from hearing about other flu victims I seem to have come off lightly.Now for the real moan, it’s that time of year again for Swedish tax returns, and I was dreading having to calculate everything myself, but somehow DH’s company have kindly authorised PWC to do it again. Still, I have to sort out all the boring info for them to calculate it. The UK authorities have very benevolently decided I no longer make enough profit to warrant any more tax returns. The fact that they give a personal allowance before they start taxing you seems to have helped a lot. From the Swedish side who volunteer no such reasonableness, brings me to ponder if it would it be better just to leave the flats empty?! Or better sell them (which is what I really want to do and would remove quite a few headaches, I’m telling you), but then there would be capital gains tax, but we’re living in a post-socialist country. Hmm, so how come I see so many 1 or 2 year old Volvos driving round , oh yes, tax relief on interest, just to make sure the capitalism gets a look in too, and the world continues to run on thin air, i.e. riba (usury).

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