Monday, April 09, 2007

More bread attemps

The culmination of me lifting an increasingly heavy Hafsah, and putting in and strapping in kids in car means I have a sore back. I cannot contemplate going to the shops with all 4 kids, so S has been very responsible as now man of the house and gone to the corner shop a few times to buy essentials. They however only had hamburger bread left (due to bank holidays, which thankfully he didn't buy) so we baked some bread and this time it worked! Well I followed the instructions to the letter on the back of the flour packet, made sure the water was quite hot (as using dried yeast, anyone can enlighten me on pros and cons of dried vs fresh??) and S reminded me I have dough hooks for my mixing machine. It was slightly masochistic of me baking bread as I'm still trying to catch up fasts, but kids needed some sustenance.

Here's a 'menu' M made yesterday, with my help with the spelling (he can get the consonants as a rule but seems to find separating the vowels harder).
It shows what food we had left in the fridge, and to be honest, it wasn't something I'd like Gilllian whatshername to come and see ('You are what you eat' fame). In the end though this concept of choice was rather misguided by M as I could not cook everyone ´their own choice of meal. As I reminded them, 'this is not a restaurant!' ('This is not a hotel' was what I got as a child I recall)

Hafsah's pulling up on things to stand now and generally making the others a tad annoyed as she wants to join in the fun.

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