Saturday, April 21, 2007

Some bits and pieces......

The guilty perpetrator of my vandalised jilbab owned up a while after the event. It was not the child I expected and he had owned up feeling bad that I might punish the usual suspect! I re emphasised the fact that I'm always more disappointed / angry if someone lies to me and that honesty is the most important thing. Having said that we had read 'The Gruffalo' recently and the mouse lying was instantly pointed out. I had a feeling he could be let off, as it was in order to stop him being eaten, but I did check this out and this is one of the exceptions in Islam to being allowed to lie, ( not just eaten of course, I mean if life or property is in serious danger).
Hafsah's really into pulling to standing now, such is the enthusiasm that I can barely do anything without the little arms grasping around my legs/chest/ shoulders (depending which position I'm already in). Subsequently if I wish to move anywhere, I have to carefully peel her away from me so she doesn't fall down. She also did a little coasting today, but I won't be surprised if she's a post-one year old walker. That's nice in a way as the beginning of walking seems to herald a step (excuse pun) away from babyhood.
She also put a toy phone to her ear as if she understands its use. What these young peeps must think we're doing blabbering away at a piece of plastic and staring at a screen half the day (I hope I don't spend that much time online!).

H continuing with his *What's that made of?' questioning. He asked me about the jug (plastic) in order for him to work out what his light sabre (in the other room) was made of, quite clever of him I thought.
S says he's been feeling 'very lucky' and then hastily added 'I don't mean by chance'!, as his dad gave him his old pocket PC. Good, he's taken in some stuff about tawheed, shirk etc. Well I have been happy they've managed without electronic games for quite a while now. The X box controllers are broken, the V smile batteries ran out (and adaptor burnt out) and the PC online games don't seem to be so appealing to the kids nowadays. So now I'm back to rationing of computer games although I've been quite lax so far due to novelty. Also he has tried to use it to do some spelling work.
Had some difficulties with finishing off learning tashahud today. He knows most of it but not quite right so wanted him to do this. A bit stressful and I softened it up with chocolate (for all of us) as I don't want him to resent learning things for his deen. There is a lot for kids to learn which is obviously easier at a younger age as they're like sponges. However some of the concepts and motivations are hard for children to grasp and I think they have to have some material here-and-now rewards.
S also did the BBC skillsswise(ta for link EF!) times tables and we printed out the certificates (he was v chuffed with these, shall have to use certificates more).

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'EF' said...

Willow had a phase where he became very skillful at was quite amazing because we really could not tell when he was lying and when he was not. He would be amazing if he was ever in some sort of inquisition because there was no way the truth was gonna come out if he had decided to keep it.

But he also has a rusty memory, so he would also own up for stuff he had not done...if he was in an honest mood..*groan*. "Who's done this?" I would say. He would look at it and consider that it was something he could have done so would say: "" LOL

Islamic stories really helped him with this problem. Now he tells the truth, but he sometimes struggles with the urge not to.

Meadow, on the other hand, is incapable of lying...she has tried it out once of twice and it is so cute cos she just cannot do is so obvious for one thing, and every cell in her body cries out: "Wrong!!!"