Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not the most thrilling of summer holidays..

but it's the last week, and I'm not sure how we'll cope with the early starts again. It was 10 30 am plus when i got up today!!! (partly down to Biryani again being out of a routine and waking us for over an hour in the night. It would have ben really painful to feed her, even if I wanted to, I hurt so much (she has many sharp teeth now) I need to have at least 8 hours break from being eaten.)
Here we have a demonstration of Biryani's determined independence. She loves to feed herself, and I have to try to remember to strip her off before meals as it reduces washing machine load. Also the arabic book reminds me she loves to look at animal pictures, books, on the TV. She makes cute 'ooh ooh' noises' So I sat down and watched 'Monkey Life' on Channel 5 with her the other day. ( After me telling dh 1 year olds shouldn't watch tv!) Must take her to the farm soon..

No she's not in her high chair, but sitting in the middle of the kitchen table much more fitting (she thinks?).

Boys have been out and about with their dad on various plane related excursions, picking blueberries at one fellow plane enthusiast's farm, and now off to the plane to see how they can replace the registration stickers with the Swedish ones. I am , thankfully, left at home.
Had a pleasant Bar b q last night, probably the last of the year by the looks of the weather.

Well, trying to come up with some ideas to get S (and M) to do some literacy work, so I did a quick review of some of the pics S painted recently to see if they would want to write their own comments? Eventually S would agree to read what I read but only after I’d typed it out, as he said he couldn’t read my handwriting! I said'Well you’ll have to learn to read worse than this if you want to be a doctor!’, but I dutifully typed it out and so thought may aswell paste it here.

Pic 1
Stripy, makes me think of a prison, but they’ve tried to make it beautiful.

I feel there is a storm going on, over the calm sea. The lightening is hot and strong. The clouds are gradually sucking up more water from the sea to make more rain.

Pic 3
There are people, who are maybe blind except the leader, who are trying to find their way in some desolate countryside, surrounded by rough bushes and wire fences.


Could be a few metaphors read into what I wrote, but S was only trying to paint ‘patterns’. M said the top right one reminded him of , yes, Darth maul (Star wars mad they are) But they didn’t want to put pen to paper, let alone think about the pictures, so we’ll leave art appreciation down to ‘nice patterns’ for the moment!
Anyhow as autonomous seems to work better with S, he , on discovery of his binoculars, decided to keep a look out through his bedroom window on all the misdemeanors of this quiet neighbourhood, and HE NOTED THEM DOWN, with only minimal spelling mistakes!
e.g :
Girl throwing sand.
Car going over the speed limit – type thing. Neighbourhood watch, look out.

Oh yes, Biryani can walk quite well now, and S can now ride a bike proficiently, have we ticked all the boxes on the 15 month/ 9 year old record of achievement? They’re happy (most of the time) so that’s the main thing.


ummrashid said...

Assalamualaykum, I heard about the plane!! When I visited it was only a remote control one.
I like S's notes!

cd said...

Awwww, Mash'Allah cute pictures and I loved reading your entry.