Monday, August 20, 2007

Short post, have been constructing IKEA furniture (say no more)

Thinking about salah and how it takes me away from the usual chaos of everyday life The clean prayer mat amongst the dusty, gritty carpet. The prayer clothes, having no baby food, felt tip pen or weetabix on them. The time is punctual (usually) not always half an hour late. The quiet is bliss amongst the rabble and screams. Some sort of order is kept in my life by the 5 daily salah, and Allah knows I need it!


Anonymous said...

Nice post, short but sweet :)

Am looking forward to perfecting my salah.

EF xxx

FamilyIntegrity said...

So what is the law in Sweden regarding Home Education?


UmSuhayb b David said...

I don't know the exact details, it is allowed, but you have to convince the local authority you have good reason not to send them to school. You also have to give an equivalent education (ie follow the swedish curriculum) that they'd get in school, and be assessed this is happening every year to get approval for the next year.
This is all from the top of my head so if you need to confirm this check this website
Because I've not become fluent in Swedish I can't provide the same as in schools so I haven't fully investigated it. (Think I'd feel a bit depressed about it anyway, my kids want to study what interests them not just what's on the curriculum, we're waiting for some 'real' science (fizzing testtubes type thing!)for S in school,
thanks for asking,

cd said...

As Salaamu ALaikum Sis:

Mash'ALlah, nice blog you got here. This is the first time I visit. I actually was linked to it by efforence blog.
I could not agree with you more on salah. May ALlah bless you for writing about this. It serves me as a reminder that time is precious when worhipping ALlah during those 5 daily prayers no matter what is going on to distract you. Punctuality is something I am trying to work on as well.
Insh'Allah, in regard to homeschooling, there are many benefits to this. I am not quite aware of the Swedish standards of education but in the states a family has an option of homeschooling their children and a curriculum is actually imposed on the student. I do know that you must go and register your intent to homeschool and the school district is the one that manages your child's education through a curriculum already set up for the parent to undertake.
Keeping children at home and educating them in YOUR environmnet is of personal choice and I hope that Sweden were to be more flexible in accepting a parents' reason for doing this.

I will stop by your blog as much as I can, Insh'Allah

P.S. I have visited Sweden about 8 years ago, Stockholm actually. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY..

UmSuhayb b David said...

cd - wa aleikum asalam wa rahmatullah, JzkiAllahkhair for the positive comments!