Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It was the 15th Shabaan day b4 yesterday and the full moon was SO beautiful mashaAllah. The sky was lit up almost as if it was day and the swirling clouds were highlighted by its beams. The Moon was moving very fast, as whilst my DH was searching around for his better camera, it disappeared behind the house opposite. So it's the moon for those of you thinking I've uploaded something by mistake taken by the kids with hands over the lens! 2 weeks til Ramadhan inshaAllah, I'm quite excited as I haven't been able to fast in Ramadhan fora while!

The bed on the right hand side is what the puffing and groaning was about, thanks to the furniture of monopoly of Sweden, oh I mean IKEA. So now S has his own desk, hasn't seen as much use as I'd have liked, but maybe its cos I have to fold down the chair or remove it so Biryani doesn't climb up on the desk. She has scaled the top bunk a few times, which even I feel like I have mild vertigo on, it's quite worrying. And oh look, some floor space in the middle there.... S's side of the shelf and desk...

M's side, neatly arranged, no involvement on my part!

M's bed which looked so inviting in the sunlight, it is where I often take a cat nap, if I go in my room where Biryani sleeps she normally wakes up, v light sleeper.

A go at weighing things by M and H. They wanted to get it to go off the scales, so printer paper is a good start. I said it won't always be the big things that are heavy (They had tried a plastic tennis racket)

H's Duplo guns,they don't have a Duplo weapons set in the catalogue, just farms and train sets. The labels are price tags with 'numbers' written on there. They had devised this game at a friend's house and continued to open their own shop when they came home. I'd better watch my back from the politically correct early years providers!
Some blackberries we picked at the local park, and what we managed to make them into:


ummrashid said...

Asak, lovely buns, maashAllah. R and J would like to advise the boys to tidy their room, as theirs is currently looking very neat!
They like S's action figures.

UmSuhayb b David said...

they did turn out better than expected, although boys thought they'd be better without the berries!!hard to sneak some vitamins in..
S not so willing to take on the advice from J and R I'm afraid.
JzkiAllhakhair fro the advice on lap books, I actualy happened upon a flyer about it when I was trying to tackle some clutterin my bedroom yesterday.