Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's see if this works

this was a huge snail H and I spotted on the way to his 4 year check with the health visitor.
Picture courtesy of my mobile, I have done some technology thingy, blog on the go, wow that's an achievement for me. (Not sure how much it cost me though!!)


'EF' said...

EEK- I've just had a comment eaten so I'll attempt to replicate it here and hope that two slightly differing comments are not published.

I've just come out of my Ramadan introspection to read your blog and found these lovely posts to catch up on. Interesting about Sheikh Estes coming to Sweden, there seems to be so much more going on in Sweden than here.

Lovely chubby fingers on console :)

The tomatoes speak for themselves!

Snail is edible (if it is a giant one).

Re: raucous kids not being that acceptable in's because they are pretty much trained from a very early age to pace themselves in a certain way. I could never really support that at home so my kids stand out as wild amongst other scandi kids. Usually kids are 'behaving' in a certain way in public and any that don't are seen as 'ad/hd'.

UmSuhayb b David said...

the confines of daycare, I suspect, are part of the reason for the how can i put it , suppression of noise. My kids have taken great pleasure in making the 'ear' light up red in the health and safety noise detector in the nursery, ;)