Monday, September 03, 2007

Some recent observations of life in Sweden.

A family of 2 parents, 2 young children eating their lunch in a café. The father reading the paper throughout the meal, the mother meanwhile, texting her friends, while children silently pick at their food. (I am also guilty of spending too much time sms-ing, my son asks ‘Why don’t you just phone them?’ Well maybe I would if there was a chance of having a full conversation, between the screams and shouts of our respective children, plus almost all my friends have only mobiles and it’s a lot cheaper and sometimes free. Also a phone-call is hard to restrict to less than 15 mins the way I jabber on).
Supermarket today *groan* :Baby food next to cat and dog food. More variety in the pet’s meals?
There is also a 'Dog playground' found near the beach.
Saw three baby bike-trailers within the space of a minute, one named ‘chariot’ I noticed. Then later saw a bike with a big box basically on the front, obviously for easy child transportation (to day care I assume). We hired a tandem and trailer several years ago in the Peak District. It was great fun and seeing these trailers made me want to be 3 years old to have a ride.
Again have been asked when Biryani’s to start day care/ nursery. I’m not really sure but not going to think about it till she’s 3 ish I think. She does seem to have a personality a bit like M, who used to ask to go to nursery at the weekend too. Again it’s the issue of learning Swedish, although obviously an early start for H didn’t help as expected. Anyhow, you just never know what’ll be the situation in a couple of year’s time….

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'EF' said...

LOL about the family 'get-together' at the cafe you witnessed.

At least the mum and dad weren't swigging back on beer bottles as is the custom here.