Friday, September 28, 2007

A little bit of Fiqh

So much for staying off the computer :)
Don’t read this if you’re having a meal, but otherwise, I had a practical experience that meant I needed to get clarification on the ruling as pertains to vomiting and fasting.
I was walking along with the kids, with Biryani wedged against my tummy in my in my improvised handbag sling and I felt some vomit come up in my throat. So I quickly swallowed it, not wanting to appear uncouth in my leafy suburb by throwing up on the pavement. Then I thought, oops! Doesn’t vomiting break the fast?
So now I’ve checked, and it does break if you vomit deliberately , or if not deliberate vomiting but you deliberately swallow it.
So now I’m not sure, as I did deliberately swallow it, but was not fully aware of the ruling. So I’m still fasting this day but will try to make it up later, and hope if it wasn’t necessary, I’ll get rewarded anyway InshaAllah.
As for Wudhu, vomiting doesn’t invalidate this.

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