Saturday, February 24, 2007

bits'n bobs from the past few weeks

Ok, been meaning to write stuff after kids are in bed but then I’m too zonked to do much so let’s see how I get on whilst kids are occupied. Having quite an anxiety-filled day as we were to go out to meet friends, but can’t due to snow (car blocked in and dodgy steering so thought best to leave it). Hence there's been lots of arguing, moaning.
S is doing a Hama bead set, M was doing some mazes but now driving a car around so probably some more trousers will need patching in the not too distant future. H is just lying in bed (was up 6 am this morning) and Hafsah is trying to get in on the act with M I think. Ah H has just told Hafsah to spit something out which she obediently did. It turned out to be a raisin. I’m a bit stressed with as he’s not eating v well at the moment and seems to have a constant cold. Giving the Sanatogen from England (you can only get vit A & D for under 6 here in Sweden) so hope that’s keeping him going.
Past tenses in English continue to give me reminders of my speech therapy days:
H ‘eated’
Me ‘ate’
H ‘no,eated’

Today he seemed to be able to snap his fingers.
H ‘What’s snap mean?’
I tried to explain it’s like the noise/action when you break something e.g. a stick
H ‘I don’t want to break my fingers’

He made up a lot of stories about a monster and a boy, starting with ‘One upon a time..’, strange that as I don’t recall reading many with this type of beginning. Most bedtime ‘stories’ seem to be the factual ones S requests, e.g. the Lego DK book. I do try to plead for a more traditional type story as it’s so much more enjoyable to read. H also like his Dora phonics ones which are also a bit of a strain to read, at least they’re short. Then it’s up to M’s choice as to whether I get to hear a story I’d like!

A few small steps in H’s speaking. He’s made noises and ‘f’ sound for thirsty (I may have already mentioned that) and laughed out loud when the kids at nursery made popping noises with their puffed up cheeks. He’s not shy with his teacher, grabbing her top for attention! He said ‘hej’ to a friend’s daughter (out of earshot of her mum) and said ‘hej då’ (bye) in the changing rooms at nursery when no teacher was actually there.

Hafsah has become fascinated with looking at books (the pictures), she sits at the bookshelf selecting books, and coos/ makes happy noises as she looks at them.
She seems to know how to annoy the boys by taking apart their games e.g. the snowboard/ sledge ramps they’d made with cards and blue tak on the tilted whiteboard the other day. She’s had a bad cold recently and has only just regained her normal voice; it was a bit husky before.
S asking me to wear niqab on a few occasions, he says I’m too shy! Hmm..
Other questions from S include why salt is bad for you? Came up as they want salt on their chips. Found out a bit from internet that basically it raises blood pressure. The sodium in salt makes more water go into the blood which increases its pressure, to which he concluded we shouldn’t drink water!
Another question to follow up is ‘why do they talk English in the US?’
M: ‘Why does Allah need angels? (Subject of Mikael came up after Magic school bus weather story)

M went shopping with his Dad last weekend and came back happy as had won a cd computer game from doing a ‘tips promenad’ at the local supermarket. This is where you walk around and answer questions. Basically a healthier type of quiz. M had managed to get all the answers right mashaAllah, with DH and staff members helping to read the questions in Swedish. It sounded like they were food related e.g. where does milk come from? They were pleased as it was a Mulle Meck game (approximating Bob the builder but for older kids) which we often have trouble getting from the library. It also shows how their Swedish has improved as in the game there are many instructions, all in Swedish (Norrland accent a bit like Punjabi!)and they seemed to understand everything.

Trying to instil in S (and hopefully other kids and myself )‘to finish what we start’, getting a bit fed up clearing up half-embarked on projects.

M enjoyed his stable course, learning to brush, clean hooves, put on the tack and had a few turns riding. He stopped short of cantering although S was egging him on to make the pony go faster! It brought back nice childhood memories of when I learnt to ride.
As I said snow has hit south Sweden and so managed a few goes down the man made slope near us. Older 2 were ok, but hard to keep the other 2 warm as weren’t running up and down the slopes, even though I brought a hot water bottle and cocoa. Abu Jaan, you’re needed! (where he is its 35C I think)

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bizziWEAHM said...

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah

My sons LOOOOOVE Mulle Meck! I find the character really cute too, he never gives up, always finds a solution to problems, explores the world around him and he's a handy-man! And I'd love to see those traits in my boys (actually, the girls too).

I think I'll go do a search for audio samples of the Punjabi dialect, and see if i can find any likeness... :-)

I'm with S on the niqab. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Thanks for dropping a note in my blog, not much to read there, still.

Fee amaanillah sister!
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.