Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some quotes from H first one while he was doing some ‘typing’ on the computer.
Me ‘Have you finished your work?’
H ‘Can I watch TV-work?’

‘Now I can do it quickler’ (combination of quickly and quicker?) (this was in reference to him taking off paraphernalia (see on a bit) or not as the case was when he wasn’t so quickler last week, in order to go to the toilet) The cold Swedish air does result in a sense of urgency.

Quote from M:
‘If you fast, you grow smaller’ (reasoning: always telling them to eat so they grow bigger). Nice theory but I think cheese stuffed chillies won’t reduce anyone’s weight.hehe.

The other day I felt bad having to stop S and M reading one of the English books I’d found from the library I think its called ‘Margerine and marbles’ by Banana press. It’s disappeared into the mess right now. It seems like quite a good series for S as it’s semi-factual/scientific and the reading level’s not too hard. The morning rush for school has always been a strain and recently it has seemed even harder, to get back into a routine since the holidays.. So in order not to be extremely late I had to insist they got their jackets and all the other paraphernalia on to get out the house to school. In the end we’ve had another note back about S not being in time to school at all this week (DH been working late all week so getting up early v difficult for him) Sometimes feel should just let them carry on with their really educational activity and be properly late. They do seem most motivated first thing once they’ve got up.

Today was scouts which I haven’t been t for a while. They talked about Hjrah from Makkah to Medina, and that it was further than Skåne to Göteborg (Gothenburg) and it took 3 weeks. After a snack they went for a brisk power walk round the nearby park/ countryside in a group pretending to do Hjrah! M seemed quite warm when he came back, taking off his snow suit even though it felt cold out today.. Downside of today H lost his gloves which I’d only bought last week and were not cheap (big red things with extra bits that go up the arms so no chance of anything getting through them) This was the 2nd pair this winter. I hope whoever’s got them now, deserves them, I have another pair I haven’t yet taken back as I’d bought whatever I could find as its hard to get them at the end of the season and as I didn’t have said child with me, I didn’t know exactly which size would fit. (I only take kids shopping with me now if I’m really desparate, it’s all too stressful). Then S lost his for a while but they’ve turned up Alhamdulillah. Moral of story, do gloves, & hats roll call when leaving playgrounds etc.

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ummrashid said...

I love his quotes, maashallah!