Monday, February 26, 2007

love kids, hate admin

S and M Hama beading non-stop yesterday, alhamdulillah I needed to do some important stuff so I could get on with that. The younger ones do find it hard to make their own patterns esp H, and want me to do it for them which defeats the point somewhat! The iron's been seeing a lot more use than normal, it's hardly ever used on intended items ie clothes!
We're all still cold-inflicted so off school today(M is well but enjoying a day at home). I had to make lots of phonecalls (admin stuff) and I just don't know how the permanently homeedding families manage, as most institutions are only open in the day when kids are awake. Then you have to hope you will not be put on hold for half an hour while you grab a quiet opportunity when the littlies are napping. Then, when you finally get to speak to a human being, someone wakes up, and you find yourself apologising for the noise, screams and hope they have kids and understand. Alhamdulillah I think because of the illnesses, today I managed to get the calls done within the nap time! (Apart from the British embassy which say they're open from 9 am but have all their lines closed, is there some holiday going on I don't know about ? so I've had to make do with an e-mail which they'll probably ignore..)

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