Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The North European dust-mite attack

Well, finally got round to posting some photos taken back in November. If you check the red building top left window you should notice something I fairly often come across , a duvet flung out of a window for airing . I should, but I'd have to clean the windowsills first which is a whole new task to add to the 101 things to do. So dust-mites, they love it 'hos oss' (at our place). Also the view of the playground from our balcony which I would love to just let them play in while I stay home and busy myself, but fears of strange men, dogs etc prevents us ,although I do think the chances are minimal.
Oh yes those grey metal bars bottom right of the top picture are for hanging one's rugs on to beat the little mites away. I can't recall seeing anyone doing that though.

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