Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Any Swedish home schoolers?

Is there anyone out there home educating in Sweden, anyone interested in home educating, any Muslims home educating in Sweden, any English- mother tongue Muslims home educating in this long land? I see many hits from Stockholm area and just wondering if its some automated web surfer, or is it the Education Department waiting to pounce on me when I actually take them out of school inshaAllah? I couldn’t find any blogs from Swedish home-educators, what I found was: MATS, and this which doesn’t seem very active, hemma är bäst which has links to Pippis homeschool (designed for those who can’t access Swedish curriculum in schools e.g. living abroad). Just want to know is anyone doing it and how!!!


ummrashid said...

Asak, It's only me. Sorry to disappoint. How do you get this information on hits? InshAllah you'll get a response from the people you are looking for!

'EF' said...

LOL..I can just imagine you poring over your stats and getting worried...i did that for ages and had to stop..it just gets too wierd. The most scary stat hits have to be the ones that come from a remote island and are googling you by name repeatedly..not that that has happened to me, but it it the sort of thing I live in fear of. LOL

Yeps. No home edders here either, it's a desert, a cultural desert. (Have lost it a bit today).

The ones I did know who were home edding are all slowly but surely putting them all back in school again.

I heard about some muslims attempting to home ed in Norway, but that the government was doing summat nasty to em..but maybe my norwegian isn't that good and I got it wrong.

I think it would probably be illegal here to home ed and be muslim.

Europe ain't exactly the best place to be free of the system is it?

Anonymous said...

Assalamo aleikom

Ta en titt på dessa länkar (have a loo at these links):

http://skola.gr8.se/ -loads of info!!!