Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sweden, the best place to be a mother?

I read this article about the topic and found it slightly contradictory to its title. Personally I think the title should have been 'Sweden, the best place to avoid being a mother' .
To start with, the high level of contraception would obviously limit actually having the kids in the first place.
'Equal opportunities' for working women means the children are most likely in day-care for the best part of the day.
Parental leave has to be shared to a certain extent between both parents which means the father can be the one off work to take care of the kids. So if you want to be a mother but not actually look after your kids, I suppose Sweden is pretty good.
I don't deny of course we should be very grateful for the high standard of living here compared to such countries as Cote D'Ivoire, shukralhamdulillah. Also it is very good that I get, be it a very low amount, parental benefit on top of child benefit for staying home with my kids (if under 8.) The cash pays my tax bill basically, so keeping at least 2 bureaucrats in a job, one in the social security dept and one in the tax office.

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'EF' said...

It's much the same here. Sometimes I feel like I have landed on another planet LOL. I do appreciate the high standard of living, but am noticing more and more that this just removes the populus from their heart love.

LOL..about your previous post about flag poles..we also have em here....everywhere.