Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More daycare madness?!

Well, we've had feminist nurseries, now the far right are trying to introduce far right ethnically pure Swedish nurseries. I'll say no more, except I wonder if they'd accept a Swedish Muslim convert couples kids there? (not that I'd think they'd want their kids to attend). Of course UK, and US immigrants are just about accepted in Sweden, even given positive discrimination sometimes. However this doesn't apply to me as most think I'm Bosnian or something. Had another acknowledgement of my 'good English' the other day THAT'S BECAUSE I AM ENGLISH, but try to think of it as a good starter for dawah, after the obligatory embarrassed pause as the penny drops. This apparent superiority of the English language here in Sweden has given me another reason (excuse) to not be so good at speaking Swedish.
Had May day off today so took all the bairns to the Muslim playgroup (I don't think you have to be Muslim to go here, but no men allowed. (for religious, free-mixing reasons). However any nationality, skin colour etc may apply!! )
H did some pattern sequences with big beads, and he seemed to grasp this more quickly than I expected. He wouldn't allow me away from him for more than 30 secs, so poor Hafsah had to be left in the little ones play area with another mum, but she seemed pretty happy.
Played out in the park and had our 'fika' (snack) in the pleasant weather. If we were 'properly' home-educating, in some people's eyes, it could have been 'socialisation' crossed off the list of things to do, interacting with ages 0- 35 plus keeping a couple of old ladies in the park amused.


'EF' said...


I haven't read the link about the far right nursery yet..it is late and I know that it will get me gnashing my teeth....lol...but I get the idea. We get a lot of similar stuff over here (not far from you eh???) and I just have to turn a blind eye to the way the scandi's try to keep themselves 'pure'.

Annoying comments are so very challenging, but I am getting so I can see them coming. My fave is when people do pluck up the courage they will ask: "Is your husband Muslim?" and when I reply that he is not ( he is not ) I can see the cogs and wheels creaking and letting off puffs of steam as they try to fathom out who and what I am and WHY. LOL.

Sometimes in that pause when you can see them desperately trying not to blurt out: "Then why are YOU?" I want to ask them if THEIR husband is a muslim. I mean, it is kind of ridiculous to ask that and so revealing about the presumptions we can all make.

I cannot think of a similar thing to say to fire back at the next person who asks me if my husband is a muslim. Perhaps I could ask...nah, never mind....it is no use getting mean.

The other one I get a lot of from Danes when they meet me is the 'Why are you in Denmark?'..which I also find strange...I also want to ask them: 'Why are YOU?'. LOL. Argh. Head hurting now..have just remembered a whole load of other annoying comments.

UmSuhayb b David said...

ws I made a point of becoming Muslim as soon as I was sure, which was a bit of time before I got married, to show that it was solely between me and my Lord, not 'for my husband', or for in order to get married,(some people think it is compulsory for women).
re hub being muslim, if I was you I'd say *inshAllah, if God wills, asap, and by the way YOUR kids are actually muslim in fact all kids are don't u know?, it's their parents who guide them to atheism, hinduism etc. maybe leave thelast bit out, it could wind them up!? Get the same question about why we are in Sweden, and my kids and hub have been told to go back to where they come from (I was in nother part of the supermarket at the time, if I'd been there I'd have said 'Please willingly, if you'll pay my airfare, but at the moment my hub is paying taxes for YOUR pension so keep your thoughts to yourself(I'm trying to stay calm, self-censoring a lot of my thoughts.....
Actually thinking about it I'm not sure if I like the other attitude either, the 2 facedness, however when my kids are being involved its another matter..