Monday, May 21, 2007

Yes, I've calmed down..

Alhamdulillah, it was one of those days. We were all tired and I think this stops all of us having as much self-control as normal. Kids don't hold back on what they want to do, be it mum-pleasing or not, and I don't control my anger so well. Hoping social services don't read the blog, a man in Sweden didn't get a job after the company read his girlfriend's blog, which said she didn't want to relocate if he got the job! Anyhow, the way we disturb our neighbours, I'm surprised we haven't been visited yet.Managed to (just about) keep my cool in the supermarket today with all 4 kids, not normally a feat attempted by myself. Not quite becoming old mother Hubbard just yet, but the essentials being low meant I had to go. The Swedes were kind today and did not appear to comment on the pretend kick-boxing fights that progressed round the frozen section and I almost, but not quite, heard a tut as an apple was dropped on the floor.
Have had the kids home the past 5 days due to teacher-training and public holidays. Much to their (but not my) delight, one of the X box controllers has been resurrected and after many months they had a chance to play some mindless games.
S's friend stayed over and they didn't sleep until very late (as usual,excitement etc). Then as I was checking my pimples or whatever in the bathroom mirror, I heard banging on the door, and they were both quite worried there was a bomb in the house! It was in fact an alarm on an electronic diary that's got lost under the bed, and I haven't bothered, or fathomed out how to turn it off, poor dears, but they slept easy once I informed them of the true source of the beeping.
But have started the Jolly Phonics a bit with M, he seems to like it, and S has been reading his DK book on aeroplanes, plus now his horrible History book (some of the cartoons a bit too horrible, check them first b4 reading) we got free with Aquila magazine.
Just got the first issue today as part of a 3 month special trial offer. I'm not sure about it yet, I flicked through to the letters page, and to my horror read one from an 11 year old (I think) girl, saying she wouldn't want to be home-educated due to the usual socialisation rubbish arguments. Then she went on to complain about the sexism of boys in her school and how you can't talk to a boy without people thinking you fancy them! I ask you..Then to my relief there was a positive letter from a home educated girl to the side of it, so I suppose it was balanced.
Other things we have been doing, some might call it child labour, I mean M learnt how to clean the bathroom, loo and all and he actually said 'This is a little bit fun'.
They always like spraying the cleaner, I use this 'grön sopa' not sure exactly what it is, but it comes from pine trees I think and is fairly harmless and does the job. Smells like that green jelly stuff yo use to get oil off your hands.
S became 'Mr Omelette chef' as he turned 9, and cooked numerous omelettes throughout the day, and actually made a meal consisting of the above-mentioned plus cucumber slices and knäckerbröd (crispbread). Photo inshaAllah to come.(too tired now to upload photos etc)
H has been a bit jealous lately of Hafsah and has told me to take her back to the hospital, because Mama's back is hurting and then her back won't hurt! (it is true that picking up over 9kg of big, relatively floppy baby is wearing on the lower back area).
Hafsah has started climbing up everywhere, like her bro' at a similar age, cannot get down so safely. Up to the microwave, up to the draining board, all with the aid of the stool, oh, and down to floor with a bump and a resulting lump on the back of her head now, the silly sausage (all happening as I have called, in vain, to M to take hold of her, and I rush towards her, stupidly taking time to fling rubber gloves off my hands and getting to the accident scene too late).

H: What's a mirror made out of?
S - What's an egg, if it's not fruit or meat?
Where were pancakes invented?
and just now read the Magic school bus volcanoes book and now have to find out how Australia was formed (I don't think it was from a volcano!)

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