Thursday, May 24, 2007

Skånemejerier race plus other photos

Here is the recipe S wrote down, after having asked me how to make an omelette. I didn't have to coerce him to put pen to paper, he just did it and stuck it on the fridge *faint* and here's how the first ever omelette by Monsieur S. aged 9 years (precisely) and they did get better and better, all 15 eggs worth that he made that day and were gobbled up by siblings. Note:Alhamdulillah, most of the salt is on the table.

o H's impressionist work, 'forest' I think it was. Green's his favourite colour anyway.
Another worksheet created by M. Trees inspired by his friend -from- Lund's style.
And on to the big event, M's first proper running race, sponsored by Skåne Mejerier (local Dairy). It was 800m or so, quite far, and he did very well coming somewhere in the middle. Deep in my heart I thought he could win, but then I saw some of them looked quite big (he's one of the youngest in his year, August birthday) and as if they are in a running club or something, but needless to say I was very proud and I think my heart was beating faster than his. It was v. exciting and everyone got a medal and a Tshirt and a chocolate milk drink. I think they should have let us have free entry (had to fork out a bit to enrol) to this race as now my kids want me to buy more of the stuff.

A man who leads the kids so they know where to run (it was through a bit of forest in the park)

M's medal and chocomilk drink

Scaletrix tent we stumbled upon afterwards. I think this was the bit they enjoyed the most. M said today was the best day ever. Guess which one's my offspring? Ebony amongst a sea of blonde


'EF' said...

Beautiful artwork :)

LOL about the guess which one's my kid thing...but to be honest, dh and I often look over to our kids when they are playing in groups with the locals and our kids stand out purely because they haven't got white flaxen hair..well, Ash has now, but in the winter all three are brown haired and they are often the only ones in groups of up to ten-ish.

Social services are like that here..some times I see the point (like with the seriously neglected kids) but at other times I think they ignore the blanket neglect of kids (in to daycare all the hours they can be, plonked in front of flickering screens the rest, parents outwardly 'together' but not really bonded with their kids).

I knew a family over here who had a baby with colic who screamed for three months. A nasty neighbour reported them (didn't come round to ask to help as would be NORMAL) and because they had been reported it meant they were then monitored for three years even though (and the social serviced admitted this) it was clear the children weren't at risk.

Another woman I know was reported by the childminder for little bruises that had been caused by the childminders kid..the mother of the child had been complaining about the bruises to the childminder and this was what happened instead. Ug. Not nice.

I think a lot of parents are afraid of the social services..they have a lot of power and can make life very uncomfortable in the case of families reported wrongly, but I also know of some families who really couldn't survive without their help so...well. Just a risk of living in Scandinavia I guess..they breathe down your neck and that's what it is all about.

UmSuhayb b David said...

yes I sent some photos of the race to my mum and she said it reminded her of me in school sports days, except for all the blonde-haired children. Maybe inshaAllah a bit different in a couple of generations time as the Muslims increase their family size as encouraged by Muhamad (saw), while the non-muslims stop at 2 (if not 1). Otherwise inshaAllah the blonde will persist as people here embrace Islam (mashALlah I hear of this happening here on quite a
regular basis). I love all hair colours, (maybe not so keen on grey LOL) Sorry all grey-haired readers but henna is available...