Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ice, and treasure..

Kids have been spending most of these chilly, grey days ’treasure hunting’ and re-constructing their Lego star wars mini figures. The parts have been hidden in various toy boxes and this morning there were oohs as I decided to check what was lurking under our sofa cushions. ‘Hold our breath, we’re going in…’
Missing arms and heads were quickly whisked away I was tempted to get the hoover out and remove all the remaining dust/ biscuit crumbs etc, but no, in my condition, the cushions were hastily replaced. None of my guests would ever check under there would they?! Last night I did start the mammoth task of trying to sort the ‘sets’ of toys back from the random combinations that occupy most of the plastic toy boxes we have. Yes, there is certain element of imagination and spontaneity in making up a game involving a plastic ring and a teddy bear. But being able to play the bingo game, for example, does require all the parts to avoid disappointment.
I had to go out today as had run out of milk. Nearly toppled over on the black ice. V surprised as normally Sweden v good at preparing for winter, In fact a homeowner is actually liable if someone falls over and breaks their neck on the pavement outside their house! The man with his mini tractor has just made an appearance and so should be a bit safer tomorrow. It was weird today in that it was minus something but raining, shouldn’t it be snow then?
On a different tack, it’s always been like this but have been particularly noticing it since Biryani has started saying small phrases, e.g. ‘Are you?’ for ‘Where are you?’
What I’m talking about is the inability to do anything without interruption if it takes more than a few minutes. So if I need the toilet, one of the two smaller ones will be pounding on the door, or saying the above phrase.
Trying to complete my daily aim of reading 3 pages of Quran went down to 3 verses yesterday. I know I should get up early and do such things (the latter) when I can concentrate but the hormones mean sleep is usually overwhelming.
But hey, this is life with children and these small irritations are easy to bear when you think of the joy they bring the majority of the time. Gosh that was a bit positive, alhamdulillah.


ummrashid said...

InshAllah, a positive mood for the second trimester.

'EF' x said...

Yes, a definite second trimester feel about this post xxx