Friday, January 11, 2008

Managed to write a fair bit, despite having done v little (apart from lying in bed)

Have been on and off the paracetemol for a semi permanent headache, but alhamdulillah it’s not been flu, it’s been v commonplace recently.
Biryanis chattering away and sometimes using 2 words together. She was lying in bed the other night, gone 11pm, saying Mummy, Daddy to herself for a good ten minutes or so. I was puzzled as she either refers to me as Mama or Mimi, and her Dad is called Ba or Baba. Her grandmother who is staying wit us is called Dadi, from the Punjabi. So I thought, now she thinks her parents are me and her grandmother, her Dads been away that long. But the next day I remembered, she was just regurgitating a phrase from a Dora DVD, huh, not thinking about me at sleep time, but the bane of my life, Dora the Explorer.
Biryani also tries to count but manages to remember up to two, so it goes, one, two, two, two, two, a bit like in the Little Wombat story. M used to count by pointing at things and saying 2 2 2. But their minds are so absorbent, mashaAllah, I just told her the name of a circle, and a few minutes later she found the shape again and told me its name.
I watched the Make your child brilliant programme on Channel 5. I was a bit disappointed, but made me think of trying the kinaesthetic stuff more with S. He hates, well let’s say has a touch of enthusiasm once in a while, spelling, writing etc I can tell he just wants to get it over with asap, and the spelling does come unstuck if you go too fast. Also getting them to think things through more when writing stories is something he needs. If he writes a sentence I’m pleased. Lately it’s been speech bubbles for his cartoons, but it’s kind of limited. Now Biryani is imitating me saying Stop it! As she turn ff the monitor repeatedly, gotta go.

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'EF' x said...

Ours do a lot with speech bubbles too..I've known many a boy who have got to grips with reading and writing using the cartoon format. Am chuckling about Biryani playing with the monitor and you saying 'stop it' :)