Friday, January 25, 2008

OK, I’ve just taken: paracetemol, iron tabs, folic acid tabs, and my nasal spray and hoping it clears the fog that is my brain right now. I don’t understand while I feel this way as I managed to grab over an hour’s nap this afternoon (maybe it was not the soundest of sleep as had recurring dream of trying to find a clean toilet, but all I could find were ones reminding me of school bogs).
M and H are happily occupying themselves with the alphabet biscuits I ummed and erred over buying yesterday. Alhamdulillah it wasn’t a waste of money as they are actually trying to make word with them rather than just scoffing them. M is teaching H and I find that the most satisfying thing as both are learning a lot without me doing anything (i.e. they want to learn)
H was actually able to sound out and spell a few simple words this morning as we were on google talk with his Dad. He (H) was finding the last letters a bit tricky, which I recall rightly from my training are often slightly unvoiced, so I assume have potential to be confusion, .e.g. dog, the 'g' is more like a 'k'.
Biryani is now fiddling with the phone as opposed to the monitor, and is dancing to the engaged type tone she’s getting for dialling an unknown number. Reminds me of M, who used to ‘sing’ the microwave signal (the beeps it makes when it’s finished).
Biryani’s vocab ever expanding. Star wars, being the main subject in the house, means she says words like ‘Dee two’ (R2D2)
‘Bacca’ Chewbacca
and ‘ky-walker’ Luke Skywalker.

She also calls her brothers: ‘Ayb’ (unfortunately means something not so good in Arabic), ‘Ahmond’ (like a northern ‘almond’)
and ‘naam’.
It sometimes feels like I have another little mum in the house as she calls out ‘Boys!’ often when I’m trying to beckon them to eat their supper.
M was v proud today as he was awarded ’veckans elev’ this week’s best student. And that was after this morning’s palaver over getting to school late as the week’s student wanted to take his time getting dressed. Well I assume the teacher blames the parents for latecomers, but however early I get up it doesn’t seem to make much difference when we arrive. Maybe making the clocks fast is necessary, it did help before, now the batteries in the clock are losing power we’re back to running a few minutes behind Swedish time.

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