Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I've got bad at thinking of titles nowadays...

Lots of raised voices and arguments seem to be happening nowadays. Had friends over and had to try to control myself from chastising them too much in front of others. Muslim children, I idealise: respectful, obedient and rushing to find the prayer mat. Maybe I should get real and realise the child side is still dominant and that complete submission (to Allah) comes with age and guidance. How best to guide is where I'm stumbling..
Didn't bother trying to sleep to near on 1 a.m due to usual fireworks. As I was feeding Biryani to sleep I was wondering if I'd have a slightly smaller one to attend to this time next year, if I'd still be alive. These thoughts continued whilst I was in the bathroom and then remembering we should first be hoping that we can live till the morning. Then I noticed something.. see 10 months blog. That shook me a bit. I know we don't celebrate these New Year things etc, but living amongst it, it makes me realise how time passes over the course of 365 days, and that appreciating this time given is so necessary.

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