Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another explosion in the suburbs..

Today was a day at home for M as another musically-orientated trip had been organised.
It was amazing how easy it is with just one school-age child and Biryani just to attend to now and again. He managed to do his maths, Swedish reading and we used his pattern he made the other day to make a mini heart pillow with the sewing machine and some old pyjama material.
Would have some photos but the camera is still lost and I’m a little worried as MIL (and me a little) has tidied up quite a lot and haven’t come across it. There are a few ‘hotspots’ as Flylady would call them, namely around the microwave and my bedroom. The latter being full of duvets and pillows as the 2 elder ones want to sleep in my room nowadays. Or maybe Biryani has wondered off with it somewhere and left in one of the overfilled cupboards/ wardrobes?
Anyway back to the sewing, am not the best at this, I blame on my school days, where sewing projects took what seemed like forever, with a sewing teacher who had a funny thing about discipline and a wooden ruler. In my secondary school it took me a whole year to finish a simple skirt wheras my Mum whizzes one up in an afternoon. So my question is how do you sew up the hole where you have stuffed in the stuffing so it looks OK rather than my rather unkempt hand-sewing attempt?
Then I had to have a nap which has kind of stopped the flow of things and I hope we can do his Swedish spellings soon.
S also has English spellings to learn which I feel a bit more pressure for him to get a good mark in ( as the other kids this is their 3rd language).
Well we just had a nappy explosion (she managed to gorge 2 satsumas yesterday as I had given her one and then MIL had granted her another, not realising she’d just had one).. The blast has involved S’s jacket which Biryani was sporting at the time as she thought it far more fetching than her T shirt. Alhamdulillah I have the washing machine (which was actually emptied of clothes) and some hot radiators so the jacket should be restored by the morning inshaAllah. I wonder what people with kids do when they have to use the oft-fully-booked communal machines and they’ve had a situation like this. Hand wash I suppose, or maybe they’re the ones that nick my turn that I’ve so diligently booked with my little ‘plopp’ key?

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'EF' x said...

I lived in a nice apartment for a while when I first moved here, and one of the immediate plus's was the communal wash rooms, but towards the end of my stay there it became a hassle because there WAS always someone nicking my wash time or just rudely emptying my wet washing and leaving it on the side etc. Good for you for having your own machine, these days, we cannot do without them really. I love my washing machine and stroke it gratefully everyday.