Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm all yours, baby # 5

Just now, Biryani actually asked me to ‘come’ and get her comfort blanket ‘nana’ and put her in the cot for a nap *faint*. Normally it’s screams and tears and bouncing up and down in the cot when I insist its naptime. She actually managed on a 20 min one in the car yesterday and kept going till around 9pm so she must be zonked.
It’s about 4 days now that we’ve stopped the breastfeeding. I’ve had many a person ‘advising’ me to stop as I’m pregnant, and I tend to just nod and dismiss it as she was only having one or two feeds, which were usually early morning or bedtime, I figured that the energy saved by having some extra sleep rather than her screaming away to be fed outweighed what I was using making a small amount of milk.
But recently it hasn’t been soothing her to sleep anyway and really with all those teeth it is not such a pleasant experience. She won’t drink any other milk though, but does like yoghurts and cheese so I think she’ll survive.
I always think the last feed of a baby’s life will be memorable/ special but with them all it just seems to ‘happen’. So now inshaAllah I have a few months off. I don’t feel suddenly energised or anything, in fact my cold is getting worse, but it was just one of those things that has to happen some time. She still asks for it when she’s tired and finds me sitting down somewhere, and then it’s hard, but I grit my teeth and try and distract her in some way or other.


ummrashid said...

InshAllah she'll forget soon.

Us.. said...

I put your link in to my blog. Hope you don't mind. Nice to know and share our experience in bringing up children..May Allah make it easy for us..Insya Allah.

UmSuhayb b David said...

That's fine, us.., Links in the sidebar, that's a thing done by . organised bloggers, hence there's not a links section here, sorry..

'EF' x said...

IKWYM about wanting the last feed to be special, but it always just seems to happen. It's been nearly a year since Ash stopped (he stopped around his 4th) and he's just started up with wanting to again to which I say "Hahahahahahhahahahaha."

It was nice while it lasted, but you know, you reach a point when you know it is 'time'.

You wonderful mother for taking such lovely care of your babes!

And yes, now you can take a little pause of the feeding to focus on the new babe. xxx