Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post suitable for those caring for young children/ and not whilst eating at the computer

What a difference a good night’s sleep makes! Last night Biryani again amazed me by asking to go to bed, saying ’leep’ = ’Sleep’ before 10 p.m. which is early for her esp as she woke from her nap around 4 p.m.
I am wondering if the preceding day’s events had something to do with it. All day something was not quite right. Nowadays, since the breast-milk halt she now demands instead of ‘doo-doo’ to have a ‘yogi’ as her morning calcium boost. This means having to be out of bed sitting at the kitchen table as such consumptions can prove messy. The middle 2 children were happy with cow’s milk in an easy-up cup, which for the most part, do not make a mess and parent can resume lying position under duvet. But yesterday morning everything was ‘No’ everything thrown about and lots of crying and tears. Since we are wanting to sell our flat soon, these food-casting experiences get more stressful. Later in the day there was a lot of pink-faced, eye-watering straining going on. I was expecting something as nothing had happened in the bowel department for a few days. The results were unspectacular and she was obviously in discomfort and wouldn’t eat her supper. MIL suggested glycerine and/ or bananas. She wouldn’t eat anything so on the next attempt in went the glycerine and it worked! But this is where I feel we as mum’s sometimes deserve danger money. I’d been rushing between bathrooms as H also was having a difficult time with no 2’s and then I had to scream to S to help me as Biryani got rid of her discomfort. After that she just asked for a drink and went off to her cot as I mentioned before. She’s slept about 11 hours and has been v cheerful this morning mashaAllah. She wants to play hide and seek despite being unable to quite grasp the concept of hiding (one must not laugh loudly and actually find somewhere that conceals your whole body) But it is v sweet as she tries to be the seeker and says ‘5, 6, 7 not.!!’ (shortened version of coming , ready or not)

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