Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One thing you are unlikely to get going to a regular school, witnessing a funeral procession coming through your school gates. M was with me last week as I picked him up the thin wooden coffin draped with green cloths was carried at a brisk pace out of the mosque, through the school gates (the school is attached to the mosque).
M did ask what was happening and I explained. I think it’s good that the realities of life are not all hidden away, but are allowed to left as they are, part of life.
Having difficulty getting M to pray, he’s OK when his Dad is here but it’s constant ‘Wait’,’ I’m too tired’ when I’m on charge.
S was quite similar at this age (7) and I take heart now mashaAllah he says his prayers without a fuss, although could be said a bit slower.
I’m wondering how other parents manage to encourage their kids to pray ?


ummrashid said...

My situation re kids prayers is much the same!

seekingtaqwa said...

I encourage my boys to pray by getting the elder to lead the younger insalat, it seems to be less of a problem with the girls for some reason.